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It is exceptionally critical to follow the organisational policy of an organisation before using the products and services provided by the company. A simple and straightforward managerial approach gives an insight into the customer-provider relationship to remove needless or unavoidable contradictions.

We recommend that you agree with our privacy policies at Southwest as one of the best travel portals. Your partnership with us is essential and allows you to use our website in accordance with user guidelines.

You can now understand your obligations as a website user through these regulations. The analysis and compliance with the privacy policy are advised. If you disagree with the above-stated points, you shall be allowed to discontinue the use of our website. If you do not vary, your consent shall be considered in line with our Privacy Policy.

Changes in Privacy Policy:

In a market-based basis, we regularly update the privacy policy. And this transformation or change happens without warning. Before visiting our website, it is also advisable to keep yourself up to date with our policies. We are not responsible at your end for any mistake. If the customer has visited our website since the update, it should be borne in mind that the customer accepts our terms and conditions.

What kind of data do we collect?

We gather all forms of data that matter directly or indirectly, to our business. We capture your details on our website, including your name, year and date of birth, contact details such as telephone number and e-mail address, postal codes etc.

How is the information collected used?

The information we receive is used for better quality and assistance in operating our website. Personal info, including card numbers, will be used to pay for the product on our website. Our directory provides your contact information for the confirmation of your booking, the sharing of any flight updates or offers or any changes to our corporate agreements. We at Southwest ensure we do not distress you with the details we receive from you. The main goal is to provide you with better outcomes and customised resources to acquire this knowledge.

How do we collect data from you?

  1. Our website collects information about potential advertising when searching for a flight and making your requests.
  2. Such information is also obtained from our website when passenger information and booking information is entered.
  3. Your data are also obtained if you log in as a customer on the website.
  4. We use cookies and other instruments on our website to capture the applications and additional technical information automatically.

Cookies Policy:

We use cookies to make it more convenient for our customers to use our website. You can transfer cookies to your machine when you register on our website and access different main features. A cookie gathers data that is sent from the website to your browser. This data will be saved on your computer or stored temporarily on your hard disc memory.

Data security and data security:

The information we receive is held on restricted servers. We adhere to the protection and confidentiality rules and requirements in these personal information repositories. We guarantee that the information submitted by our client is 100% safeguarded. We also know how necessary this knowledge is to you, and we respect your trust in us. We, therefore, promise that the information is not revealed and that it is kept as confidential as you want.

Data sharing with third-Party

In order to supply your travel products, such as seats, meals, etc., on time, when booking your flight on our platform, it is essential to exchange details with vendors, including airlines. We also share the details with every police department that uses the information for the investigation.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Southwest privacy policies or terms and conditions. You can access our official Southwest website, or you can contact us directly on our mobile line.

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